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Metsä Board Husum renewal nears mid-point of 2022 start-up

Espoo, Finland - Metsä Board’s Husum pulp mill renewal has neared the midpoint of construction of the new modern recovery boiler and turbine as the division has set the target for its mills and raw materials to be 100% fossil free in 2030.

The new high-power recovery boiler has now reached its full, impressive height of 73 meters. Project director Kimmo Kangas said: “The project has now reached the halfway point. The steel structure of the new recovery boiler is ready, and the pressure part erection has started. The modernization of the evaporation plant will be complete in October 2021, the turbine building will be ready in the autumn, and the turbine installation will start in November. All new process areas are planned to be ready for start-up in the first half of 2022.”

The new modern recovery boiler will replace the mill’s two old recovery boilers and provide higher capacity and efficiency, enabling the mill to increase its environmentally friendly energy production. It will also improve production reliability and decrease the duration of the annual maintenance shutdown. The new turbine will replace all three existing turbines, and the mill’s self-sufficiency will increase from about 50% to over 80%, with its electricity entirely based on renewable biomass.

“The pulp mill renewal is a substantial step to take us toward our target of 100% fossil free mills”, says Olov Winblad von Walter, vice-president, Husum board and pulp mill. “By utilizing stateof-the-art technology, we can improve our energy efficiency and environmental performance in all relevant areas. The investment is further strengthening the Husum mill as an efficient and sustainable platform for long-term development of world-class paperboard production.”



September /October 2021