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MoistTech’s NIR moisture technology yields instant efficiency increases

Sarasota, Florida - Moisture content in the raw materials can make it difficult to properly control the boiler to minimize energy costs and has a drastic effect on the final product. A proper moisture control system that utilizes near-infrared technology (NIR) can provide instant efficiency increases to any plant.

MoistTech utilizes NIR technology that allows for a non-contact solution to provide accurate moisture content readings. Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height and colour, the sensors provide a continuous, reliable reading with zero drift and no maintenance. There is a one-time calibration with a non-drift optical design allowing operational personnel to make immediate line adjustments based on real-time measurements.

An ideal moisture control system accurately detects the moisture levels at different stages of the process, is easily maintained and has the ability to withstand even the harshest of manufacturing conditions. Installing a moisture measurement and control system prevents bad product due to undesirable moisture levels. Fine tuning the setup and process of the manufacturing line allows for instant improvements both in the product and in the efficiency in which it is produced.

Moisture measurement and control in biomass applications is a critical portion of the production process. It has been estimated that an increase in the moisture content in some forms of biomass can decrease the heating value by up to 70%. The moisture content is a critical parameter for biomass as it is vital to correct operation of the boiler. Most fuel boilers are designed to operate with a limited moisture range. Feeding fuel outside the tolerated range leads to increased emissions.

Manufacturers can gain immediate adjustments to the process based on real-time measurements from an online NIR sensor. Immediate changes can be made to the production line to stop extra waste and keep the line moving, avoiding costly downtime and excessive waste by catching any out of tolerance readings as quickly as possible.

Benefits include: improved product quality, lower waste and energy costs, process optimization, increased plant efficiency, enhanced dryer control, reduced downtime, reduction in fire and explosion risk, bending monitoring and instant return on investment.

MoistTech has been responsible for some of the industry’s most advanced technological developments over the years.



September /October 2021