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Mercer Celgar installs high-capacity flail debarker

Castlegar, B.C. - Mercer Celgar pulp mill in Castlegar, B.C. is installing a new high-capacity stationary flail debarker which will increase fibre utilization and reduce slash burning. The installation was aided by $4.5 million federal government funding with the first-of-itskind technology addressing regional fibre availability issues in the area.

Enhanced utilization will reduce the amount of forest waste and lower emissions from decreased forest residue burning.Celgar processes two types of fibre: residual sawmill chips and low quality logs unsuitable for lumber. The company’s old debarker had a single log feed utilizing a ring debarker.

The new equipment can handle multiple logs at a time, abrades the logs using chains and can handle even smallest diameter logs that would otherwise be burned. The new flail debarker eliminates the use of diesel-powered mobile chippers that are currently outsourced and in use at remote yards.

The bark from flailing is used to generate steam. Funding for this project is provided through the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program (IFIT), which encourages the Canadian forest sector to adopt innovative technologies and processes to establish new product streams and tap into emerging markets.

The federal 2021 budget announced up to $54.8 million over two years starting in 2021–2022, to increase the capacity of the IFIT program.“With this support from the Government of Canada, Mercer Celgar is putting in place one more piece of the sustainability puzzle as we rise to meet the challenge of climate change,” says David Gandossi, president and CEO of Mercer Celgar, in a statement.



September /October 2021